Buy freshly made healthy sauces, spreads and condiments that are packed with nutritious ingredients and nothing else.  It is our mission to provide an ever-expanding range of artisan sauces, spreads and condiments so you can keep yourself and your family healthy while never compromising on flavour.


Every day, more South Africans are choosing to eat foods that are made using only natural ingredients as they become more aware of how their food is grown and what they are putting into their bodies. Get Sauced products are high in nutrients, free of unnecessary additives and colourants. We use fresh locally sourced ingredients ensuring that our freshly made sauces are environmentally friendly and sustainable.

All of our products are packaged in glass and we avoid plastic where we can. Our customers are encouraged to reuse, recycle or return our glass jars. We offer a R5 discount for every empty clean Get Sauced bottle returned to us. Together, we can reduce our waste we leave in the world.

We hope you enjoy browsing our range of healthy, vegan and vegetarian friendly sauces, spreads and condiments.