Vanilla Cocoa Nut Butter (V)


Our delicious Cocoa Nut Butter is made with an organic nut butter based combined with organic coconut oil. With a little added vanilla essence and golden syrup this is the perfect healthy alternative to store bought chocolate spreads. The coconut oil allows you to easily change the consistency of the nut butter by cooling for a fudge like consistency or heating to create a drizzle. This Cocoa Nut Butter is also vegan-friendly.

Organic coconut oil, cocoa, peanut butter, syrup, vanilla essence, spices, salt.

– Vegan-friendly
– Preservative free

Spread on toast, drizzle over your morning oats, add to smoothies, use as an alternative to butter icing, drizzle over ice-cream, or use as a dipping sauce with fresh strawberries. You can even spoon out of the jar, roll into balls and refrigerate to create a healthy fudge alternative.

Served in a glass jar so that you can reuse, recycle or return to use for a small refund off your next order.

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This Cocoa Nut Butter is our healthy alternative to Nutella. With a rich nutty chocolate flavour it will become your child’s new favourite sandwich spread. As parents ourselves we wanted to offer our children yummy treats but were also quite conscious of all the sugar packed into store bought chocolate spreads – which is why we created this Cocoa Nut Butter.

The Get Sauced Promise

All of our products are made with care, we hand select our ingredients and make the best environmental and ethical choices wherever possible. Our aim is to supply sauces, condiments and spreads that promote health. We do not add
any preservatives and our savoury sauces are all free of refined sugar or sugar alternatives.

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Store in a cool, dry place. Use within a month.