Our Story

We fell in love with the simplicity and audacity of sauce - whether it be a basting sauce, a dressing or a dollop of mayo. The ability of a sauce to transform a meal from simple to gourmet serves as our inspiration behind Get Sauced.

We have a love for fresh ingredients and all they have to offer for our bodies and our mood. A love for honest cooking, fresh ingredients and flavour is what led us to create our own range of handcrafted sauces, dressings and condiments designed to uplift any simple meal.

As mothers, we want our families to enjoy food without the unnecessary sugar and additives that are present in many store bought foods and ingredients. This is why we focus on creating a range of sauces that are free from preservatives, colourants, flavourings and sugar. 

We offer a consistent range of firm favourites, such as our Tomato Sauce and Smoky Mayo, but we love experimenting so we produce Limited Edition bottles of sauce that are inspired by local seasonal ingredients. We live in the Cape so we have a wide variety of fauna and flora to inspire us on a daily basis!

We still enjoy making personal deliveries to our clients in the Cape. Its wonderful to meet the array of people who love healthy food as much as we do. We are also stocked in a selected delis and have a stall at artisan markets. 

We hope are inspired by our collection of Get Sauced dishes and products.

Wishing you a bold, out of the ordinary, culinary journey.

Lynette & Charisse

Get Sauced co-founder Lynette Caldwell presents an aioli dish
Grilled mushrooms and caramelised fennel drizzled with Get sauced Vegan Aioli.